Window Film has been around since the early 1960’s, so it is not considered new technology. It has improved dramatically over the years to the point where film does not have to be that “dark” type film you see in cars. Residential Film now can be virtually clear, but still reject UV rays and the majority of the heat that can be present around untreated windows. With over 50 films to choose from, Creative Window Films can find one to fit your individual needs.

Top reasons for installing window films for your home ...

(Solar Control)

Windows have significant impact on the temperature of the room increasing energy costs. Film can reduce up to 80% of the heat generated by the sun through a window, while still allowing light in and your view out. In the winter, the film helps reflect the radiant heat from you furnace inwards, making it still more efficient even in the colder winter months.


UVA/UVB rays can, over time rapidly fade the beauty of your furniture and fixtures. All our films block 99% of UVA/UVB rays. Our films are endorsed by the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation for their UV protection.


Security films can prevent intrusion, stop your glass from shattering on impact, and keep you safe. If something or someone hits your glass, the glass will break but the film is designed to keep it intact inside the window frame. So there are no glass shards to cut you while still making it difficult for someone to break in.


Concerned about how much of your home the world can see from the road? Stop the neighborhood from tracking your every move. Privacy films are great in sensitive area’s where you don’t want people to see inside.


Years of development and testing have proven that film can reduce a home’s energy consumption up to 30%. This can result in dramatically reduced energy costs for homeowners. Window films are one of a very few products proven to have a Carbon negative footprint.


All of our residential films come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Creative Window Films offers a free no-obligation consultation with our Window Films specialist to address your individual needs.
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