Security films are available in a number of different types, from shatter resistant film right up to blast mitigation films. Most commonly used is to prevent the “smash and grab” type break-in. With an alarm system, when someone breaks in the alarm goes off and then nothing until law enforcement arrives. Even if someone gets there within 5 minutes it is amazing how much can be taken in only 5 minutes. With the addition of Security film, when a window is broken the film holds the broken glass intact, inside the frame making it extremely difficult to get through. If they can’t get inside, they can’t get anything.

Security films can be combined with solar control films to offer you the best protection available.
  • Prevents breaks in through windows
  • Eliminates glass shards if window breaks
  • Can be clear or tinted depending on your needs
With all the different versions available Creative Window Films can find the one that fits all of your home or commercial needs. Creative Window Films offers a free no-obligation consultation with one of our Window Films specialists to address your individual needs.

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